PGYTech Action Camera Hand and Wrist Strap for Osmo Pocket GoPro

$30.00 $24.30

Main Product Material: Polyester Fiber, PC and ABS
Packing size: 13.5cm x 10.0cm x 4.1cm
Product Weight (Including Packaging): 80g
Net Weight: 47g
OSMO Pocket
GoPro Action Camera
YI Action Camera
1x Mounting seat
1x Hand strap
1x Wrist strap
1x Instruction manual
* OSMO Pocket, cameras and other accessories not included


The PGY Tech Action Camera Hand and Wrist Strap can secure and effective fix the OSMO Pocket, GoPro and other action cameras on the back of the hand and wrist; bringing FPV mode, new creative angles, and richer usage scenarios. The quick disassembly design can effectively save time. It adapts to most action cameras on the market with GoPro interface.
– Adapts to most action cameras with GoPro interface
– The action camera hand and the wrist strap are adjustable in size to suit different dimensions


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